Skin Optimizer
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4.0 Ke'e

For optimum skin. Mousse make-up, easy and fast to apply, in three natural shades inspired by the sands of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It blends instantly with the skin for a smooth, natural and velvety finish. It will not stain clothing and remains unchanged until makeup is removed. Water-resistant and perspiration resistant.

Its formula incorporates high-quality active ingredients, no preservatives or perfume, which help preserve youthful skin: hyaluronic acid, rosehip, bisabolol (chamomile), vitamins C and E.

Softfocus, which visually softens wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Applied with the fingertips in a few seconds for optimal results: skin takes on a perfect, smooth, even and naturally glowing finish.

How to use:
Can be used as day make-up for a natural finish, or as a foundation for more sophisticated makeup. Discover your three tones. Mixing them together you can achieve the perfect tone, which can vary according to the season or the desired look. You can also superimpose different tones to sculpt the face.

Skin type:
All skin types, including the youngest.

4.0 Ke’e- Ideal for medium skin tones

30 ml


(VAT included)

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Skin Optimizer

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Skin Optimizer

Nude Make Up