La Spiaggia comes from the search for an ideal. A product capable of offering effective skin treatment with a waterproof base colour. With a comfortable, natural and light
finish unlike any other.

Get perfect, unblemished skin and a natural look, have been factors that have guided us for two years of research to reach the final texture of La Spiaggia.

A line created from the most sophisticated raw materials and using the latest technology to join with those who believe that true beauty is transmitting the best of oneself: one’s naturalness.

La Spiaggia recalls the colours of the sand from the best beaches in the world to create the desired effects on each skin type: Goa in India, Hyams in Australia, Ke’e and Punalú’u in Hawaii…

Created as a treatment and colour line, La Spiaggia aims to continue growing with new practical and efficient products designed to emphasize the beauty of the face in the most natural way and to continue caring for it with the treatments you deserve.