Textura de arena

Born in the Mediterranean under the conviction that we never look better than when we are on vacation at the beach. La Spiaggia offers a unique concept of skincare with color, developed in the image and likeness of those who live (and enjoy) intensely every moment, love naturalness and sensoriality and avoid extra complications.

La Spiaggia was born from the desire to find a color treatment that would perfect without smudging, providing a no-make-up finish that would look like the product of the sun's caress and as comfortable, natural and light as no other.

These premises have been our guiding principles during years of research, with dermatological advice and endorsement, until we came up with the definitive formulas and textures.

The result is a line that is meticulously researched to the millimeter, developed using cutting-edge technology, with sophisticated raw materials (such as epigenetic active ingredients, capable of modulating certain expressions of the skin's DNA without modifying the DNA itself), with evocative and sensorial aromas such as bergamot, ginger or orange, and capable of allying itself with those who believe that true beauty is that which conveys the best of oneself: individual naturalness enhanced by exceptional treatment and a touch of color.

Born as a line of color treatments, La Spiaggia has continued to grow with new practical, efficient and multifunctional products, designed to enhance beauty in the most natural and easy way.

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