The Color Serum

The Color Serum is the definitive anti-pollution cosmetic treatment against facial aging signs. It has a total rejuvenating effect , as it is specially indicated to provide a long-lasting hydration, smoothes wrinkles and firms skin.
It also contains natural, medium tone pigments that give color to the skin (sun kissed) due to the Soft Focus effect.

It is formulated with efficacy-proven, patented and last generation in Biotechnology active ingredients:

Softfocus or Interference Pigments: microscopic mirrors distributed over the surface of the skin when The Color Serum is applied. When light falls in them, they act by diffusing and reflexing it in different directions, which gives the skin a greater luminosity and tone uniformity. There are microcrystals that, due to their physical characteristics, manage to hidr certain undesired colors.

Dragon Bloods ®: natural epigenetic active modulating skin health related genes, stimulating the antioxidant defense genes involved in the detoxification function. It stimulates the synthesis of antioxidant defense genes such as: GPX2, ALDH3B1 and AKR1C2, involved in the detoxification of cells (detox and antipollution effect). It stimulates the synthesis of the coding of the AQP3al gen, facilitating the water transport within the cell. Decreases aging and contributes to the healing process of the skin by stimulating the genes involved in the structure and the healing of the epidermis: FRK, WNT and NRG4, improving the function of the skin barrier (anti-wrinkles and moisturizing effect).

Emullium® Mellifera MB forms a soft, ultra-light film that subtly wraps the skin and protects it from climatic and seasonal effects. It adapta itself to the environment: in cold conditions or dry skins, it creates a soft and comfortable film that protects the skin. In hot and humid conditions, it stabilizes the sensory properties, leaving skin less oily and heavy with less perceptible film.
It provides intense, immediate and long-lasting hydration. It also provides luminosity, softness, improves texture and gives a more toned appearance to the skin.

Pentavitin® stimulates key genes to improve skin barrier function, a series of in vitro studies confirm its ability to strengthen the skin barrier and mantain the hydration during 72 hours. As demonstrated by extense studies, PENTAVITIN® increases the hydration of the stratum coreum and short term water retention which consequently leads to a medium and long term improvement in desquamation and epidermal barrier function. Stiffness and itchiness caused by a dry skin get reduced and lead to a more comfortable skin feeling. It improves smoothness as well as desquamation, giving a healthier appearance to the skin.

Proteoglycans: Increase cell proliferation and metabolism, anti-inflamatory action, connection of the cells with extracellular components of their environment and communication between cells. They accelerate healing processes. They regulate the water content of the connective tissue and its water retention capacity. All of this translates into an increase of the mechanical resistance of the skin against shocks and friction, also representing a barrier against the spread of certain bacteria that can invade the tissues, thus providing the skin with long-lasting hydration.

It is also formulated with Collagen, Elastin and Proline with a firming character.

Vitamins C, F and E with an antioxidant and rejuvenating effect.


(VAT included)

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